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Bouncy Castle Hire FAQs

What preperation is required prior to delivery of equipment?
Please ensure any hallways/passages to your garden/venue is clear of obstacles etc as a 4ft width access is required, please ensure the proposed site is clear of over hanging tree boughs these will need to be trimmed back to avoid damage to the equipment and any sharp objects, mud and pet waste removed, we will also need access to an electricity power point within 25 metres.

What is the maximum number of children that can use the equipment?
This depends on the castle design/size you wish to hire.... Please phone/enquire for further information, we will be pleased to advise you of the most suitable equipment for your hire.

I What age children can use the equipment?
This again will vary with the size and design, all inflatable equipment has a maximum user Height for safety reasons. Please phone/enquire for further advice... we will be pleased to help.

Is there a cancellation fee?
There is no cancellation fee, but we require 24 hours notice from the day and time of confirmed booking. We also understand the British weather can be unpredictable, due to this we also phone the hirer on the day. If we believe the weather to be extreme we also reserve the right to deliver.

Can the equipment be used on patios, drives and tarmac?
No, the equipment can only be set up on grass, due to safety issues.

Can the equipment be set up on a slope?
Yes, but this depends on the gradient and direction of opening entrance to the equipment, Please Note : We cannot set equipment up on Extreme gradients.

Is the equipment supplied with roofs / covers ?
Yes, but these are supplied to protect the units against sun damage (fading) and light showers. Please note: inflatable equipment should never be used in rainy conditions, due to accidents. We also supply safety mats as standard.

Is your equipment tested for safety?
Yes our equipment is checked on a regular basis and comply to the PIPA testing standard for which certificates are issued. You may check our equipment tag numbers if you wish at

Do you belong to any industry groups?
Yes, we are members of the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance (

Are there any other requirements needed prior to set up of the equipment ?
Yes, an adult must be present at the time of delivery, this must be the hirer. We will require two up to date forms of ID, e.g: Full UK driving licence, passport or a recent utility bill, in the hirers name and address, gas, water, electric or telephone.

How will I know if my garden wil accomodate the equipment ?
Please take care when booking certain size units as adequate space is required around the perimeter/front and back of the equipment for safety mats/blowers etc, as a guideline please allow 6ft at the front and back and 3ft either side.

What times do you deliver the equipment ?
Delivery times are between 7am to 12 Midday and collection time is between 6-8pm, unless previously arranged.

Do you hire equipment overnight ?
Yes, overnight hire is available on certain bouncy castles, you will need to provide 2 up to date forms of ID these can be Utility bills in your name & address, Passport or Full driving license, your garden gate will have to have a quality secure lock & will have to be fully fenced in, a safety Deposit may be also be required.

What areas do you deliver to ?
We deliver free of charge to Luton, Dunstable, Slip End, Caddington, Streatly, Barton-le-clay, Chalton, Toddington, Tebworth, Kensworth, Tilsworth, Stanbridge, Eaton Bray, Edlesborough, Totterhoe, Studham, Markyae, Breachwood Green, Great Offley, Lilley, Hexton, Sharpenhoe, Upper and Lower Sundon. We can also deliver to other areas for a small charge - Please call to discuss.

How much does it cost to run a bouncy castle for a day ?
On average it costs £2.00 per day.

Do you hire to public houses?
We do not hire direct to Public houses unless the Bouncy castle is for an organised supervised Fun Day, if you are having an event at a public house we can hire to yourself, Please Note: All private hires are for the use of your friends, guests , children and our equipment is NOT for general use of customers who frequent the public House or their relatives .

We are having a barbecue, is this ok on the day of hire?
We advise against this, but if you must it should be sited at least 15ft from the inflatable unit and as the hirer you take all responsibility and care of the equipment as stated in your terms and conditions of hire. Please remember hot ash can damage the inflatable and make you liable for repair costs/loss of business etc.

Do you accept late bookings?
Yes, its always worth contacting us, if we have a cancellation we may be able to help, Please Note : Conditions to a late booking are that you fully read & understand all paperwork and any safety information provided before you allow any persons to use our equipment .

Is there a price difference between weekend bookings and weekdays?
Yes, we operate a reduced price scheme for weekday bookings, this also applies for school holiday periods. Please contact us for more information.

We have lots of children coming to our party, can they all use the bouncy castle at the same time ? please note : All bouncy castles have safe user amounts & these guidelines must be followed, our bouncy castles should never be overloaded, please remember You are responsible for Children's safety and allowing the correct amount of users at any one time, We suggest if you have large amounts of Children at your event & wanting to use the bouncy castle that you separate them into groups of similar sizes and ages & only allow the correct amount on at any one time .

Do you supply any other items for children on the day of hire?
Yes, we can supply items for party bags, colouring boards, temporary tattoos, sweatbands, bracelets, and mood rings & cotton fun patches. Please contact us for more information.

How can we tell what the weather is going to be?
Unfortunately the Weather men can never be 100% correct, we have known customers to cancel because they have taken note of television forecasts & then called us back wanting delivery again, this has led to there equipment arriving later than the original delivery time as agreed, we are sorry but this is how it works as we are usually very busy, if you cancel, your delivery will be at a later convienant time after our other agreed deliveries have taken place, Forecasts can be obtained from - this may be of help.

We have booked a unit, when do we make payment and how?
No payment will be required until the day of hire, we will then ask you for payment prior to set up of the equipment. Please note: we only take cash payments to avoid problems.

Further information for the hire
We also reserve the right to refuse delivery if we believe the site/venue is deemed unsuitable. We also operate a pre-site inspection prior to hiring to avoid problems on the day of hire. Please contact us if you require this service.

We at colourful castles aim to provide quality equipment at competitive rates and hope you have a fantastic day. Thank you!